cat in beanbagIm me.
and im me.

welcome to my barely usable page. who needs those fancy css pages with bunch of colors anyways? all we need is a basic html file. lol.


image of me<--- thats me.

Seriously though, hi, im vin, or vincent fm edge, or whatever you wanna call me
I do things. yeah thats about it. Im tech savvy but cannot code whatsoever (shoutsout to microsoft expression web 4 for being my website maker, gotta love abandonedware.)
I like

-cool things
-the 2000s
-<insert something here>
-green day
-half life
-beep boops
-stupid software from 2002
-whatever else i like.

discord discord? - vin#0098
steam steam - /me_on_steam
? <site> - basically just guess tbh i go by 80 different alises.

ps: i have other parts of my site, check out the button page: https://vin.pet/a/ , and my friends: https://vin.pet/fr/ and maybe anything else idk yet ill tell you when i do